General questions
To add a build click on button 'Add build' on the left menu. Please enter all the details related to the build and click on Start Testing button.
Yes. You can change your password using Forgot Password option from Signup/ Login screen.
Yes! You can delete a build or report once it is added using delete option on the dashboard. But if you have view only privilege you will not be able to delete or modify any report.
Definitely! You can share your test report by providing an email id of the recipient of the report. There are two modes of sharing a report. View only mode and Edit mode. As the name suggests, recipient with View Only privilege can only view the report while users with Edit privilege can edit the test report after signing into their Dashboard.
Once the report is shared through email the recipient will receive a link with a view only privilege to view the test report without having to sign up or sign in to STL
Edit Share is a privilege which a new user will have. Once the report is shared through email the recipient will receive a link to sign up with STL and then login to dashboard to view, edit and share the report.
To begin testing please add a build and fill up all the build details and then click on Start Testing button. This will navigate you to Test Environment screen where you need to enter test device details and proceed to checklist screen which contains several checks using which you can test your app.
You can View report only after the report is generated. Go to Dashboard where you can see all your apps listed. Click on View Report option next to Start Testing button on the dashboard.
Yes, why not? You can always go back to your dashboard and select Start Testing which should take you to checklist screen where you can re-test/edit/modify your previously logged details of your app.
Fix This Bug is an actionable item which when clicked indicates how the current scoring of the app will get improved when the bug is fixed in the next build. Ideally when all bugs are in Fixed states the score has to reach 5 which is the ideal score for an app.
As many as you would wish to.
You can always get in touch with Moolya team for more help related to testing your app by clicking on Contact Us button on the left menu.
As many as you would wish to.
There is no direct option to add user, however you can do so by sharing your test report with another user by entering email id of the new user. You can as well set View only or Edit permissions to the new user. View only Share will allow the new user to view the report. Edit Share will allow new user to view/edit or even share the report with another user.
Current Score is the scoring of the app based on its Functional/UI/UX/Performance behavior. Any changes to the checks marked will reflect on the score. For e.g- out of 100 checks if 50 are passed and the corresponding score is 3. After re-testing if the pass count increases to 75 the scoring should also improve.
New Score represents the updated score after Fix This Bug option is selected for each bug. It indicates improvement in your app score as you select Fix This Bug option for the identified bugs.
Ideal Score is considered as 5. Ideally if your app has no single failure or passes all the checks listed in the product should get 5 as the score.
Not really! All the changes are auto saved at regular intervals. At any point of time if you decide to terminate the execution you can do so without having to worry
Yes. You can add your own checks to our checklist and execute them (mark pass/fail) to generate report. Once a custom check is added it has to be executed to generate report.
Yes. You can delete your own checks added by using delete button next to the checks.
Click on Update/View Report button or you may refresh your screen to see the changes.
Generate Report gets enabled only when all the checks pertaining to a particular checklist are executed. For e.g if you are executing Functional checklist, then all the underlying checks should be marked as Pass or Fail to enable Generate Report button.
Generate Report button when clicked will create a test report of the checklist that you have executed. For e.g, if you have executed Performance checklist and you click on Generate Report button this will create Performance Test report of your app. To view this report please click on View Report button which is provided on your app screen on the dashboard
Click on Logout option which is provided at the top right corner of the page.
Severity of the checks must be given based on the criticality of the check. While setting severity you should also consider the impact of the bug when this check fails.
Setting right severity to your bugs will help you arrive at appropriate scoring for your app.
It is an objective score that reflects the real world user experience of the mobile app. We created it after testing 600+ mobile apps across categories. Our patent-pending algorithm considers a variety of quality factors to analyze and score the mobile app across all quality parameters.
You need to execute all the checks from the checklist (Functional, UI, UX and Performance) to get Moo Score for your app. Should you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with us.
You can anytime edit your bug which is alread raised by navigating to the checklist screen and click on bug icon which you wish to edit. Please do not forget to save the changes after editing.